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Title New telemetry requirements due to NERC standard BAL-003-1.1
Date Submitted 1/12/2021 9:50 AM
PRR Category B
Priority Normal
Owner Namburi, Priyanka (CAISO)
Status Closed
Status End Date 4/13/2021 11:59 PM
Related BPM Direct Telemetry
BPM Section Section 6 and 14.
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Reason For Revision

To comply with North American Electric Reliability Corporation Reliability Standard BAL-003-1.1.

For more information, please see the FAQ Posted at:

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BPM PRR Submitter

Namburi, Priyanka (CAISO)
Modified BPM language proposed by the PBM Chnage Management Coordinator

See Attached
Identification of the authorship of comments

CDWR and NCPA provided comments

Approve the BPM PRR as modified.

Updated BPM based on comments recieved
Statement of apparent requirements of the BPM PRR

Priority and rank for any BPM PRR requiring a CAISO system change

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Final Decision

Made minor modifications are suggested by CDWR.
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Adopt the recommendation as modified

PRR 1318 has been made available at this time to allow additional time to review and submit comments. 
Comment period will close 02/16/2021.  PRR will be discussed during the February and March BPM meetings
Posted On - 1/13/2021 8:25 AM
Impact Analysis
Initial Comments
CAISO Response to NCPA and CDWR attached.
3/3/2021 8:12 AM
Logged By - Hines, Nicole (CAISO)
CDWR asks the CAISO to clarify the need for the four new telemetry points.  CDWR believes this information may not be necessary to comply with the new NERC frequency response standard.  Also, these telemetry points would most likely provide static information that only changes when governors are tested and recertified.  Furthermore, some of CDWR’s governors are fifty plus year old and would need to be retrofitted to provide this telemetry information.  Providing these new telemetry points would be a considerable undertaking.

Please see attached document for other CDWR comments.
2/16/2021 6:59 PM
Logged By - Rodrigo Avalos (PARO)
NCPA Comments - New telemetry requirements due to NERC standard BAL-003-1.1
2/11/2021 11:29 AM
Logged By - Mike Whitney (NCPA)
Recommendation Comments
CDWR recommends the following language to clarify the static vs dynamic attributes of the four new telemetry points and asks the CAISO to define the ramp rate calculations.  See attached document for details.
3/12/2021 3:18 PM
Logged By - Rodrigo Avalos (PARO)
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