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Title Historical inter-tie deviation
Date Submitted 9/25/2019 9:06 AM
PRR Category A
Priority Normal
Owner Batakji, Jamal (CAISO)
Status Closed
Status End Date 12/11/2019 11:59 PM
Related BPM Energy Imbalance Market
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Reason For Revision
In April 2019,  the ISO implemented a software change to perform bid-range capacity test for each of the four fifteen-minute intervals for a trading hour. Accordingly, only section 11.3.2 was updated.  However those changes were not added to section  This PRR change is to update section
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Batakji, Jamal (CAISO)
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Historical inter-tie deviation
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Recommendation Comments
1. Per attached BPM change, the CAISO will calculate and publish the import/export block base schedule difference for each operating hour. We are just wondering if you are going to publish the difference for each of the four fifteen minute interval as well since this change is to reflect the new capacity test change implemented in April 2019.
2. For the capacity test implemented back in April,  is CAISO going to publish the results for each of the fifteen minutes intervals? Because currently we can only see the hourly test results for the bid range capacity test in CMRI.
11/12/2019 3:59 PM
Logged By - Suzy Niederkorn (NV Energy Transmission Settlement)
CAISO response to question 1:
The additional incremental and decrimental  requirement is calculated on an hourly basis, but the bid range capacity test is performed on fifteen minute basis.

CAISO response to question 2:
A response to this question is provided in the Business Requirement Specification document posted on ISO’s website. The link for this BRS is captured below:. Refer to appendix D for details.
11/18/2019 10:08 AM
Responded By - Batakji, Jamal (CAISO)
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