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Title Clerical edits
Date Submitted 5/31/2019 10:03 AM
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Priority Normal
Owner Strouse, Nancy (CAISO)
Status Closed
Status End Date 8/20/2019 11:59 PM
Related BPM Generator Management
BPM Section;;; 8.0
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Existing Language

Please see the attached Redlined BPM.



Proposed Language
 Please see the attached Redlined BPM. A modification request that is determined not to be a request for Material Modification is considered approved when the CAISO issues a final letter approving it.  The letter acts as an amendment to the GIA until the approved modification can be incorporated into the GIA by amending its terms. Some Interconnection Studies performed under CAISO Tariff Appendix U (“serial projects”) were completed prior to implementation of the CAISO distinction between Reliability Network Upgrades and Delivery Network Upgrades.  Thus, serial projects seeking any modification that fail to meet commercial viability criteria may also be required to undergo re-studies in accordance with Sections 7.6 and/or 8.5 of Appendix U of the CAISO Tariff to determine what Network Upgrades and corresponding GIA amendments will be required to interconnect their proposed Generating Facility as Energy-Only.  In that situation:

·          Such projects will be allowed to adjust the requested milestone dates in the COD extension request to account for the time to perform such studies; and

·          Network Upgrades identified as Delivery Network Upgrades in such re-studies, and the associated cost responsibility, will be removed from the GIAs of such serial projects.

· Approved MMA requests to add energy storage to a project are not a de-facto extension to project milestones.  If desired, the Interconnection Customer may request an MMA to extend the project’s COD or other dates.  The decision to add energy storage to an existing project is considered a choice that is solely the election of the Interconnection Customer.  Any engineering, permitting and construction delays that may arise as a result of this elective change will not be considered “beyond the control of the Interconnection Customer” as such determination relates to Time in Queue (Section of this BPM).

8.0 In the event that a generation facility’s associated RNU(s) are not reasonably expected to be In-Service prior to the Commercial Operation Date, the Interconnection Customer can request and fund a Limited Operation Study (“LOS”) in accordance with Article 5.9 of the GIA.  The LOS will determine the extent to which the generating facility can generate without the RNU(s) being In-Service.  The CAISO will accept requests for an LOS no earlier than 5 months prior to the Generating Facility’s Initial Synchronization.  If the Generating Facility is proposing to make other changes then an MMA will be required. 

Interconnection Customers may request a LOS by emailing and will be responsible for the actual costs incurred for the LOS.  A $10,000 study deposit is required.  Upon receipt of the request, the CAISO will coordinate a discussion of the RNU(s) that are delayed among the Interconnection Customer, the Participating TO, and the CAISO to determine the correct assumptions for the study.  The CAISO and Participating TO will develop a draft study plan that identifies the scope and assumptions including test schedule for the generating facility, and the schedule for the study.  The study scope and assumptions will be mutually agreed upon by the Interconnection Customer, Participating TO, and CAISO prior to the start of work.  The Interconnection Customer will receive invoices from the CAISO that list study expenses incurred and corresponding amounts due.  The Interconnection Customer shall pay all invoices within thirty (30) calendar days.

In addition, if the testing of the generating facility is delayed due to delays in RNUs, the Interconnection Customer should notify the CAISO by emailing so that we can determine if an operating study similar to the LOS would be beneficial to establishing testing opportunities and limitations.  If it is determined that an operating study would be informative, then the process described above for the LOS deposit and study plan will be used. 


Reason For Revision
Provide clarification of existing BPM language; grammatical and acronym expansion; capitalization
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Strouse, Nancy (CAISO)
Modified BPM language proposed by the PBM Chnage Management Coordinator

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Approve the BPM PRR as originally submitted.
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The ISO adopts the recommendation as originally issued. 
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